The Princess Who Had Everything She Needed By C. Dawn McCallum (Originally published in Brilliant Star Magazine, March/April Issue 2003) Princess Sufficient gazed over the village square as the subjects of her parents’ kingdom prepared for the daily Celebration of the Big Rising Sun. Next to the Festival of Helpfulness that lasted all day long, and the Feast of the Well-Lived... Continue Reading →

The Caretake of Tree Palace (kids’ novel)

Caretaker of Tree Palace, The Author: C. Dawn McCallum  Product Code: CTPH ISBN: 978-097640263-3 Publisher: Longhorn Creek Press Pages: 117 Binding Information: Hardcover Size: 5 3/4" X 8 3/4" Inches Availability: In stock. What do you do you go when everything in your life is changing?Twelve-year-old Doodles retreats to the pages of his ratty notebook where he can draw his own world. After his... Continue Reading →

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