The Caretaker of Tree Palace: Chapter 12 – Light Follows Dark

#TeacherGuide for The Caretaker of Tree Palace

For Discussion

  1. Why do you think this chapter is titled “light follows dark”?
  2. In this chapter, Doodles begins to think of himself as Jon. What does this mean?
  3. What concerns does Doodles’ father have throughout the book?
    Jon says: “This paper used to be trees. But now it has pictures of them. The limbs of the trees once held birds. And it still does.” Explain the significance of his words.
  4. What do you think Jon and his father’s lives will be like after the dove is freed?
  5. What do you think the birdcage could represent?


  1. The doves were named to reflect a dominating virtue of each dove. What’s your “dove” name? (See for ideas.) Make a poster of a dove in a cage, being freed. On the poster, write your dove name for all to see and what things you would like to be free from.
  2. Eagle says: “This, too, shall pass.” Make a list of things that will come and go in your life.

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The Caretaker of Tree Palace





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