Writing Prompt Journal: Published in Paperback Only!

A Joy Station Workbook: 101 Writing Prompts, Vol. 1 Daily creative writing prompts journal for adults or teens 101 writing prompts. One on each page. Great warm-ups to get your creative juices flowing or for self-discovery. Writing in freehand so your body can chime in with first-hand wisdom. Small enough to pop in your bag…

Poem: “Rake”

Frozen-finger claw reaches from my hands blisters where I hold too tightly scraping at the surface of things dragging away death— remnants of things once green I try not to disturb what lives. Overhead, the wind  loosens the hold of a hundred leaves. They rain down, no more attachment left, surrendered to the soil, sacrifices…

Work in Progress: Daisy & The Great Beyond

There’s a story that’s been with me for a few years — several years. “Daisy & The Great Beyond” is the title. I started playing with the characters around 2011, 2021. I’d have to check my original project box to be sure. I’d revisit the characters now and again, and last summer, in 2020, I…

Must-Listen: “The Ever Fonky Lowdown”

I saw Wynton Marsalis speaking on Bill Maher’s “Real Time” and was moved to Listen to “The Ever Fonky Lowdown.” I’m not typically a jazz Listener, but I love satire and music. And humanity. “The Ever Fonky Lowdown” is a jaw-dropping example of how Art that has the power to transform society. I feel like…


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In Progress

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