The Canyon Flier

(Originally published in READ Magazine on November 21, 2003) Ernesto rolled the pebble between his fingers and stared out at the road, watching for the cloud of dust that would rise when the truck came to take them to the fields where their short-handled hoes would hack the beets under the leaves, and their fingers,... Continue Reading →

How to Not Drown

It is the Red-White-and-Blue summer of 1976. I am five years old. My parents are—I believe—off somewhere sorting out the details of their looming divorce, while my grandmother, Polly, takes me and my brothers swimming at a lake somewhere in either North or East Texas. I am five, so the details are unclear. What is... Continue Reading →

Ada’s Diet: One Day in January 1879

From December 16, 1878 to January 14, 1879, Englishwoman Madame Ada Anderson walked 2,700 quarter miles in 2,700 quarter hours at Mozart Garden in Brooklyn, NY. As news spread of her extraordinary endurance walk, her fame as a pedestrienne grew. For those who weren’t able to attend the 28-day walk by the performer-turned-athlete, the newspapers of the day reported her... Continue Reading →

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