Writing Prompt Journal: Published in Paperback Only!

A Joy Station Workbook: 101 Writing Prompts, Vol. 1

Daily creative writing prompts journal for adults or teens

101 writing prompts. One on each page. Great warm-ups to get your creative juices flowing or for self-discovery.

Writing in freehand so your body can chime in with first-hand wisdom.

Small enough to pop in your bag or backpack.

~ Contemplate. 

~ Get dreamy. 

~ Don’t give your usual canned answers. 

~ Discover a new point of view. 

~ If you don’t know the answer, just make something up.  

~ See what gets unlocked in your unconscious mind. 

~ Discover. 

~ Uncover. 

~ Ponder and play.

~ Move the energy. 

~ Let it go. 

~ Stumble around. 

~ Get clear. 

~ Just explore. 

~ See what happens next. 

~ Seek. 

~ Find. 

~ Joy.

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