Must-Listen: “The Ever Fonky Lowdown”

I saw Wynton Marsalis speaking on Bill Maher’s “Real Time” and was moved to Listen to “The Ever Fonky Lowdown.” I’m not typically a jazz Listener, but I love satire and music. And humanity. “The Ever Fonky Lowdown” is a jaw-dropping example of how Art that has the power to transform society. I feel like I just Listened to the jazz/spoken word version of Joseph Heller’s “Catch 22,” the classic anti-war satire. “The Ever Fonky Lowdown” is that level of greatness.

Our arrogance is killing us, from people in their communities to the Mother Earth herself. “The Ever Fonky Lowdown” explains it all within the context of America’s history of racial and economic injustice with a healing sonic truth that is an answer to generations of prayers and activism.

Block out two hours and Listen to it as you would watch a play. “The Ever Fonky Lowdown” is a great work of transformational art. “The Ever Fonky Lowdown” can change you. “The Ever Fonky Lowdown” can change the world. But you must Listen, and let it do it’s healing on your mind and life. There’s no way to Listen to this and not want to bring light in the world through your actions, being, through what you create.

If there is a golden future of peace for our planet, I hope when people ask what it was like before the world is ruled by Justice, they’re told to Listen to “The Ever Fonky Lowdown.”

Screen Shot 2020-08-29 at 2.57.24 PM


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