Evolution of things–May 23, 2013

Today’s a big day. It’s the day that I begin working for myself…at least until the end of summer. I’m going to give myself the summer to work as much as I can on the projects that have meant a lot to me. Instead of working 10-12 hours a day for someone else and only enjoy 10% of the time, I intend to spend that same amount of time working for myself. My hope is to view Harry as my first client for my video business and to develop the skills of making videos for individuals or families with a story to tell. I also will spend time re-newing my NIA business which I started in North Carolina. I have an idea for a movement and meditation workshop that I’m experimenting with as I learn and re-learn my NIA routines. I’m keeping track of my time. And–very importantly–I’m taking time for prayer and meditation at the beginning of the day. I see it as kind of a “staff meeting” when I have time to connect with the Big Boss and His Team. I’m taking “Focused Dabbling” to a whole new level.

The Lady Walkers: Champion Pedestriennes of the World

I’ve now been working on this project for over a year–in my spare time. I’ve taken three video courses and am now working on transcribing primary sources and interviews. I have about 80 pages of newspaper articles left to transcribe (although most of the entries are quite short) and about 2 hours of interviews to transcribe. I’m considering having the following threads in the story–

–the illustrated story (illustrator needed)

–Harry’s journey (interviews, exhibition)

–the “interviews” with the Pedestriennes, journalists, and trainers

I may try to interview the other people Harry recommended and the author Mike discovered. I’d like to find sheet music of the songs mentioned in the newspapers and have a band adapt and record them. (Contact Cedar Valley College?) The music could even be modernized I think. I would like to have some costumes made, a green screen, and several backgrounds that would suit the story. I’m also studying Barry Hampe’s book “Making Documentary Films and Videos.” Trying to learn the ropes.