The Caretaker of Tree Palace: Chapter 1 – Fallen

#TeacherGuide for The Caretaker of Tree Palace

For Discussion

  1. Why do you think this chapter is titled “fallen”?
  2. What qualities describe Doodles’ mother, Catherine?
  3. How is Doodles like his mother? How is he like his father?
  4. Compare and contrast the way birds are represented in “The Boy” and “The Birds” sections of this chapter.
  5. Describe the relationship between the two mourning doves.
  6. Are there areas in your town where land is being developed? What animals are affected by the construction?


  1. Take your notebook outside and draw signs of life and of death. How are life and death intertwined in your surroundings?
  2. Do research about mourning doves. Write a paragraph explaining what you learned.
  3. Write a scene from the perspective of the bird that attacked Doodles’ mother, Catherine.
  4. While your reading this book, keep a notebook. Fill it with your thoughts, new words to learn and use and, of course, your doodles. Try to fill all the pages.


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The Caretaker of Tree Palace



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