The Caretaker of Tree Palace: Chapter 5 – Air

#TeacherGuide for The Caretaker of Tree Palace

For Discussion

  1. Why do you think this chapter is titled “air”?
  2. What’s the mood of the scene with Doodles and his grandmother?
  3. Describe what you think the relationship between Doodles’ mother and grandmother was like? Use details from the story to support your opinion.
  4. Why did she think the room was full of light when she remembered seeing Catherine rocking her son at night?
  5. Why is the word “goodbye” in her mind?
  6. What steps for flight do Gentle and Winsome share with the fledglings? Relate those steps to your own life.
  7. What parallels exist between Nearness and Doodles?


  1. Create a series of sketches from your life story.
  2. Make a T-chart comparing and contrasting the lives of Doodles and Nearness.
  3. Design an advertisement for the steps for flight. Use people in your ad to show how these steps are good for humans too.
  4. Write “The Birds” section from the point of view of Bobcat.

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The Caretaker of Tree Palace



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