Dream Role: On Golden Pond

On-Golden-gifThis October, I’ll be playing Chelsea in Ernest Thompson’s On Golden Pond. I watched the movie a dozen or so times when I was a youngster in the early 80s, so it’s been a blast to dig into this moving play that has touches of life’s humor. You could say it’s a dream role for me.

The play is directed by Bill Rhoten, one of the best directors around. He and his wife Suzanne have created a truly special community of artists at their theatre in Ennis, Texas. Theatre Rocks attracts some of the best actors in the area, so the cast is coming together to create something really special under Bill’s direction.

On Golden Pond at Theatre Rocks! runs:  OCTOBER 11, 12, 18, 19, 25, 26, 27

Brief synopsis of play:

Norman and Ethyl Thayer return to their summer cabin on the lake which has been their tradition for the forty-eighth year. This year the have an unexpected visitor, as their divorced, middle-aged daughter and her dentist finance drop off her son and he quickly becomes the “grandchild” they have longed for.

Here’s an interview of me chatting Suzanne Rhoten about the play and acting in general.

On Golden Pond








For tickets: https://www.theatrerocks.com/order-tickets/


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