Joy Station: Benignly Watchful

There’s a longer story, but I’ll skip to the good part.

What I have is benign. What we’ll be is watchful.


I have a rocket-fueled feeling. The projects that nudge me most sit more concisely before me. There’s so much momentum. An up-leveling is happening.

Here’s what Autumn has in store, project-wise:

Acting: On Golden Pond at Theatre Rocks in Ennis, Texas. I’ll be Chelsea, the daughter.

Revise the one act play version of my story “The Canyon Flier.” See if I can find someone to perform it. (I have a few South Dallas locations I’ll ask.)

Edit a collection of essays, short stories, and poetry that I’ve written over the years. Write more sections that I’ve wanted to write (“The Blue Hands of Anais Nin,” “Black Daddy / White Daddy,” and more.) Working title: Woman Speaks Softly in a Small Room.

Listen to as much of Bob Dylan’s music as possible. Sing along.



Beyond Autumn, when these are complete, I’ll sit with the Martha Root play (“The Passing of Exquisite Music”) again and learn those words. Joe will direct it. He has already added so much.

And of course I’ll sit with my story “Daisy and the Great Beyond” again. Daisy visits me often, whispering. She gives me clues. She points at books and legends.

But first things first. See above.




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