Special prices on my Kindle ebooks … some FREE ones too

My Kindle ebooks will have special pricing on Amazon.com in September. And one of my ebooks will be FREE.

Here are the sale dates if you need a digital book to curl up with.

~ My Kindle titles that are ON SALE from Sept. 8 – 15, 2019 ~
The Waking Tree, Waves, and Daydreamaholic

~ My Kindle title that is FREE from Sept 7 – 11, 2019~
The Caretaker of Tree Palace and Other Stories

 ~ You can browse my Amazon.com Author Page here ~



The Waking Tree

The Waking Tree Book Cover~a ghost story~

Everyone is haunted by something.

In this allegorical tale told by a tree, we witness the decay and redemption of a modern family.

For Abra, the maddening effects of secrets, both past and present, shred the reality of all around her until all that is left is the warm light of truth. Set in Texas, this beautiful nightmare looks at the ripple effects of secrets and the innocents who get in their wake.



Waves book cover~a dystopian mystery~

Mia-and-Perla, side by side for the past thirteen Great Seasons of the Tree. Always. At least until two nights ago when the world swallowed Perla.

On the day of the biggest quake, when the children were digging through the rubble, listening for cries and moans, sifting the dust and stones for any useful objects as they dug, Mia’s hands busied themselves by grabbing any part of the past she could hold onto. She stood on the pile and thought about what might be under it. And then she found it—the teacher’s cabinet—where the storybook, worn and ancient, waited to be found.

“Was it my fault that you were swallowed in the night? Was it because of what I did?” Everything was already falling apart before Perla disappeared, before Mia stole the old storybook.



Daydreamaholic Cover~clean, lighthearted Young Adult lit~

Set in the 1990’s, Marcie is a daydreamaholic. She’s sure she can trace all her problems back to too much daydreaming. She struggles to put this her habit aside, usually unsuccessfully, in this hilarious and thoughtful middle grade reader.


The Caretaker of Tree Palace

Caretaker cover

~ about grief, art, and nature~

Where do you go when everything in your life is changing? For 13-year old Doodles, it’s to his notebook where he can draw his own world. After his mother’s death, Doodles stops speaking and seeks to see what she called “Tree Palace” in the scraggly woods by his grandma’s house.

Will he see Tree Palace before the woods are torn down to be sold for lumber? What will happen to the animals? Can he save Tree Palace?

The Amazon.com edition also includes two short stories:
“The Princess Who Had Everything She Needed” about contentment and “The Canyon Flier” about two migrant workers who’s lives are changed by a song.

Print paperbacks are also available on Amazon.com, but at regular pricing.







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