Work in Progress: The Canyon Flier one act play

June 4, 2019:

Made progress tonight on turning my short story “The Canyon Flier” into a one act play. Finished outlining how I’m seeing the adaptation and wrote a few transitional sections.

The main character, Ernesto, has been badgering me for months about finishing his story. He sends me small airplanes overhead as reminders to sit down and listen to what he has to stay. He wakes me in the night and stares sternly at me.

His brother, Amador, sang a perfect song on the day the canyon filer came so many years ago. Amador’s perfect song built a bridge in the sky for Ernesto to run to freedom. Ernesto, too — he tells me — has a song to sing.

Ernesto brought me all the bricks and mortar I need to do the job. “It is time to work,” he tells me. So I work.

June 12, 2019:

I finished writing the first draft of the play version of “The Canyon Flier” tonight while Joe played poker in Rockett. Seemed like a good place to write about a man who can fly when he sings. Need to type the changes tomorrow and set it aside before sending it to readers for feedback.

The story keeps getting bigger.





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