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Type of Project Estimated Pace Range of Fees
Basic Copyediting 5-10 manuscript pgs/hr $30-40/hr
Heavy Copyediting / Developmental / Substantive / Line Editing 1-5 ms pgs/hr $40-60/hr
Proofreading 9-13 ms pgs/hr $30-35/hr
Ghostwriting $50-60/hr


Proposals / Grants / Sales $50-60/hr


Web Content /
Other Marketing Content


Project Management / Coaching $9-30/pr pg


Researching $40-75/hr
Social Media Strategy and Management Depends on project scope

Source: Editorial Freelancers Association.


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Real Estate Referrals: Have a property you want to buy or sell? Allow me to refer you to a realtor in my Century 21 network for an agent who’s a good fit for you.

Group Facilitation: Adults and teens

Video Editing: Final Cut Pro X                     (moderate skill level)

Energy Work: I’ve trained as a Reiki master and ThetaHealing.


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