The Question of a Story

This is a story about a girl who meets another girl from another time. Do I write it in first person since it actually happened to me? Yes. Do I write it as a novel? Just write and it will find its own shape. It may take on many forms. It could be a performance... Continue Reading →

The Alice Project

Oh, Alice. How many times have I picked up this project over the past 30 years? Yes, it's been that long since I first met you through the journal you kept in the 1880s and early 1890s. Later as a woman in her late 30s, I met with you again through your 1866 journal, where... Continue Reading →

New Seasons

As we approach Autumn, my favorite season and the season of my birth, I'm seeing the changes that tend to come at the closing of one season and the easing into a new one. For me, this year has been spent in theaters. I've performed in three plays and directed one. As I ease out... Continue Reading →

The Princess Who Had Everything She Needed By C. Dawn McCallum (Originally published in Brilliant Star Magazine, March/April Issue 2003) Follow my Author page on! -------- Princess Sufficient gazed over the village square as the subjects of her parents’ kingdom prepared for the daily Celebration of the Big Rising Sun. Next to the Festival of Helpfulness that lasted all day... Continue Reading →

How to Not Drown

It is the Red-White-and-Blue summer of 1976. I am five years old. My parents are—I believe—off somewhere sorting out the details of their looming divorce, while my grandmother, Polly, takes me and my brothers swimming at a lake somewhere in either North or East Texas. I am five, so the details are unclear. What is... Continue Reading →

Untitled: A Look at Titles

You're at a museum and a piece catches your eye. You stop and read the description only to find that it's called "Untitled." Maybe you feel ripped off. Maybe you think the artist was slacking off. Maybe you're annoyed that the creator couldn't give you just a little more, a simple name for what this... Continue Reading →

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