new Nia classes being created

The free Nia class was a success. There were five Nia classes created, and I have placed them on my Genesis Board. Now I am open to possibilities for homes for the classes. I won’t be able to rent space at Buy the Book for all 5 classes because, even with the best deal available, I may as well rent my own space. But I don’t feel I’m ready to move to that point yet. I may ask if we can do one Sunday class a month and have that be my free trial class for July. In the meantime, I’ll reach out to the other areas where my friends who are interested in taking classes have helped me make connections: Rec in the Woods and Crescent Yoga. I’ll also go back to my original plan and reach out to the senior center. I may reach out to Sync Yoga as well. And since they’re local spaces, I’ll reach out to Choose Again Yoga, Champion’s Cove, Bob Knight’s Fieldhouse, the Cedar Hill Rec Center, L.A. Fitness, and local churches. It would be nice to have a monthly free class to help market the other classes I have in place. I’ve check with Metro Dance, and it’s not the right time for it there as they’re already testing a new class for adults. At my next SBDC meeting on July 11, I’ll talk to her about space rentals. In the meantime, I’ll keep taking steps forward one day at a time. I’ve made great progress and in one month from now, I will have made even greater progress still. The vision is strong. The time is now.

That is, once the baby classes find a home. The perfect home(s) for the classes are out there because “SPACE IS AVAILABLE.” I am open to possibilities and will keep my eyes and ears open. The students are ready. I am ready.

My new website:!

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