Joy Station

I met with my counselor at the Small Business Development Center today, and she encouraged me to use the Joy Station name. Before our next meeting, I have a list of actions to move my business forward that I’ll complete or begin. I feel very encouraged by our meeting, and this business is feeling more likely to succeed. The more I put into it, the more I’ll get out of it.

It’s been my eight day of Nia in a row and people are beginning to comment on how I look…”Are you loosing weight?” I’m feeling more energetic, that’s for sure. When I first started doing Nia in 2001, I remember how the aches and pains in my body started shifting as my body re-aligned. I’m noticing now that the discomfort is mostly located in my left ankle. I’m interested in seeing where the discomfort moves next as I re-balance my body through the movement.

I feel fairly confident in being able to teach “Global Unity” on Friday to my mom and Anne, but I want to review the routine over the next two days (Wednesday and Thursday). I received my ION audio speaker today. I was very pleased with the sound quality, but I wasn’t as satisfied with the old microphone I was using. The receiver was also picking up radio signals and the sound was inconsistent. For Friday (and possibly for the 23rd event), I plan on turning the music down and speaking up.

I’m ready to start editing the Lady Walkers video and am downloading the free trial of Final Cut Pro 10 now.

Tomorrow on my agenda: Prayer and Meditation. Setting Powerful and Focused Intentions. Action with Ease and Flow. Ease and Flow. Ease and Flow.

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