Every Exit is an Entrance

I went to the gym this morning to add three more miles to my Pedestrienne Tribute walk. I read “Super Brain” for the first 2.5 miles, then I was having so many ideas that I had to run. On my drive back home, I had an urge to go see Brenda at “Buy the Book” and share some of the ideas I was having. It so happened that she was meeting with Mr. Cannon, who owns the space she’s leasing. I had a chance to meet Mr. Cannon who was excited about the idea of having a dance class in the space. Brenda and I had a fun meeting where we planned my first Nia class with meditation and vision boarding. We also discussed having “Your Story Legacy” Classes for seniors. She loved the ideas and encouraged me to use the space and to see us as partners. It really is a special space that she’s created. I see a lot of possibilities there. We set up my first Nia class for Sunday, June 23. I need to tell my ladies.

I came home and danced to Global Unity. I was unsure of the “jazz square” dance and a couple of other parts of the choreography, but I think with a couple more reviews of the choreography, I’ll be able to teach the class. I’m having fun dancing again!!

At 1:30, I had my exit interview from my old job.  To celebrate afterwards, I went to have a beautiful meal at Toshio’s where I pretended to be on vacation before I went back to work. I visited with Angie, a homeschooler who is passionate about working with dyslexic children, and Gregory, a local business man. He noticed my “Law of Divine Compensation” book by Marianne Williamson, and we talked about books we love from the self-help and business genres. He recommended that I check out weebly.com for my business website. (I went with Vistaprint.)

I celebrate my new freedom! I am going to bring some great classes to Duncanville!!

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