Nia in SW Dallas!

Today I danced the “Global Unity” Nia routine with my notes. I practiced voicing joyfully, and I echoed the instructions Debbie and Carlos as much as possible. I hope to learn the complete routine over the next week. Tomorrow I intend to dance the routine with just the music and my notes to see how much I need to refer to the notes. I also created a chart to track my Nia practice over the next 90 days…the length of my summer experiment where I apply the Joy of Movement to Creating a Sacred Livelihood. Once I learn this routine, I’d like to re-learn “Alpha Omega” and “Universal Mind.” After that I can renew my licensure and start teaching classes. I want to teach as many classes in this area as I can to build my clientele. Eventually I’d like to teach some workshops as well and host a Nia Jam at Metro Dance so all of my students can come together. As I build the SW Dallas Nia community, I can learn at least one new song a week and gradually increase my body of work. The routine I currently have that I can learn are “The Dance,” “Mood Food,” “Clarity,” “Sanjana,” “Dreamwalker,” and “Earthsong.” Once I renew my license, I’ll be able to choose four more routines. I know I’d like to choose “Opal,” but I think I’d like to choose whatever the three newest are so that I can have the full choreography and bar notation to start with.

I’d like to do some workshops in SW Dallas using the material that Debbie is producing. And I’d like to check out the meditations that they have available. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Plus, as soon as I renew my license, I’ll start attending the weekly conference calls. I should go ahead and create my profile on the website so that I can participate in Debbie’s monthly podcasts. This is the primary business that I want to focus on at this time. The Pedestrienne video will come. I can work on that as it seems natural to do so.  I can’t dance ALL day!

I also walked three miles as part of my Pedestrienne Tribute walk. As I walked I read “Inside Story: The Power of the Transformational Arc.”

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