new Nia classes being created

The free Nia class was a success. There were five Nia classes created, and I have placed them on my Genesis Board. Now I am open to possibilities for homes for the classes. I won’t be able to rent space at Buy the Book for all 5 classes because, even with the best deal available, I may as well rent my own space. But I don’t feel I’m ready to move to that point yet. I may ask if we can do one Sunday class a month and have that be my free trial class for July. In the meantime, I’ll reach out to the other areas where my friends who are interested in taking classes have helped me make connections: Rec in the Woods and Crescent Yoga. I’ll also go back to my original plan and reach out to the senior center. I may reach out to Sync Yoga as well. And since they’re local spaces, I’ll reach out to Choose Again Yoga, Champion’s Cove, Bob Knight’s Fieldhouse, the Cedar Hill Rec Center, L.A. Fitness, and local churches. It would be nice to have a monthly free class to help market the other classes I have in place. I’ve check with Metro Dance, and it’s not the right time for it there as they’re already testing a new class for adults. At my next SBDC meeting on July 11, I’ll talk to her about space rentals. In the meantime, I’ll keep taking steps forward one day at a time. I’ve made great progress and in one month from now, I will have made even greater progress still. The vision is strong. The time is now.

That is, once the baby classes find a home. The perfect home(s) for the classes are out there because “SPACE IS AVAILABLE.” I am open to possibilities and will keep my eyes and ears open. The students are ready. I am ready.

My new website:!

References for Personal Writing

I set sent in my LLC paperwork today! I also studied and practiced Nia for two hours.

Books to help me study personal biography:

  • Writing Your Life: Putting Your Past on Paper by Lou Willett Stanek, Ph.D.
  • Biography: The Craft and the Calling by Catherine Drinker Bowen
  • You Don’t Have to Be Famous: How to Write Your Life Story by Steve Zousmer
  • Legacy: A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Personal History by Linda Spence
  • Writing as a Way of Healing: How Telling Our Stories Transforms Our Lives
  • One Way to Write Your Personal Story by Ed Millis

I also want to re-read The Right to Write by Julia Cameron. I love that book and think it’ll add a lot to my writing class.

Joy Station

I met with my counselor at the Small Business Development Center today, and she encouraged me to use the Joy Station name. Before our next meeting, I have a list of actions to move my business forward that I’ll complete or begin. I feel very encouraged by our meeting, and this business is feeling more likely to succeed. The more I put into it, the more I’ll get out of it.

It’s been my eight day of Nia in a row and people are beginning to comment on how I look…”Are you loosing weight?” I’m feeling more energetic, that’s for sure. When I first started doing Nia in 2001, I remember how the aches and pains in my body started shifting as my body re-aligned. I’m noticing now that the discomfort is mostly located in my left ankle. I’m interested in seeing where the discomfort moves next as I re-balance my body through the movement.

I feel fairly confident in being able to teach “Global Unity” on Friday to my mom and Anne, but I want to review the routine over the next two days (Wednesday and Thursday). I received my ION audio speaker today. I was very pleased with the sound quality, but I wasn’t as satisfied with the old microphone I was using. The receiver was also picking up radio signals and the sound was inconsistent. For Friday (and possibly for the 23rd event), I plan on turning the music down and speaking up.

I’m ready to start editing the Lady Walkers video and am downloading the free trial of Final Cut Pro 10 now.

Tomorrow on my agenda: Prayer and Meditation. Setting Powerful and Focused Intentions. Action with Ease and Flow. Ease and Flow. Ease and Flow.

Joy of Movement in Creating my Sacred Livelihood +Alpha Omega

I danced “AO” (“Alpha Omega”) today. I’ve always loved that routine…until it gets to the end. I’m not as confident and not as in love with the  movements the final dances, but I hope to learn to appreciate them. My Nia application for licensure has been submitted, so I’m on my way. I spent some time today mapping out how I’d like to spend my days. My theme for the summer is “The Joy of Movement in Creating my Sacred Livelihood,” so I’ve been tweaking my vision of how I’d like to spend my time, the most precious resource. I’d like to spend 4 or 5 hours a day working on my classes and workshops (learning, developing, marketing, teaching, etc.) and a few hours a day working on my video and writing projects, and a few hours a day working on theatre projects. Sounds like heaven!

I believe it’s time to let go of the idea of Joy Station (the studio that I had conceived in 2009). I think it will manifest within this new framework that wasn’t possible at that time. When I work on my Executive Summary, being free from that concept will allow me to perceive the vision of my Sacred Livelihood from a more inspired and practical place. I am not now who I was then; the life that I long to create is still being formed as I gain knowledge. As I said, I am tweaking my vision. C. Dawn McCallum = See Dawn of the Dove. I would like all of my branding to reflect these words: vision, early light, peace, art, nature, earth, fire, air, water. I am seeking a vision of what that would look like as presented in the form of a website, marketing materials, appearance, image. I want to become the embodiment of that vision as long as it allows me to fully express who I am, and who I am becoming as I live an inspired, meaningful, fun, and rich life within my community of friends and loved ones.

Stepping In

I’ve taken several steps forward today. I scheduled an appointment with the SBDC for June 11 and will complete an executive summary before that meeting. I purchased a portable sound system that I can use with my iPad and headset microphone. I completed my Nia membership agreement. And I danced Global Unity again with the video and my notes. I’m feeling more confident with that routine all the time. I’m going to get together with Anne next week (Friday, June 14 at noon?) to practice the routine. I paid special attention to the Jazz square song that I’ve had trouble remembering in the past. I studied the choreography and tried to simplify it in my mind as much as possible. I also walked/ran 3 miles for the Pedestrienne Tribute walk and worked some on my outline/webs. I would like to spend a couple of hours on the webs of the Pedestriennes today. And I’d like to practice the song I’m going to sing for the audition.

Every Exit is an Entrance

I went to the gym this morning to add three more miles to my Pedestrienne Tribute walk. I read “Super Brain” for the first 2.5 miles, then I was having so many ideas that I had to run. On my drive back home, I had an urge to go see Brenda at “Buy the Book” and share some of the ideas I was having. It so happened that she was meeting with Mr. Cannon, who owns the space she’s leasing. I had a chance to meet Mr. Cannon who was excited about the idea of having a dance class in the space. Brenda and I had a fun meeting where we planned my first Nia class with meditation and vision boarding. We also discussed having “Your Story Legacy” Classes for seniors. She loved the ideas and encouraged me to use the space and to see us as partners. It really is a special space that she’s created. I see a lot of possibilities there. We set up my first Nia class for Sunday, June 23. I need to tell my ladies.

I came home and danced to Global Unity. I was unsure of the “jazz square” dance and a couple of other parts of the choreography, but I think with a couple more reviews of the choreography, I’ll be able to teach the class. I’m having fun dancing again!!

At 1:30, I had my exit interview from my old job.  To celebrate afterwards, I went to have a beautiful meal at Toshio’s where I pretended to be on vacation before I went back to work. I visited with Angie, a homeschooler who is passionate about working with dyslexic children, and Gregory, a local business man. He noticed my “Law of Divine Compensation” book by Marianne Williamson, and we talked about books we love from the self-help and business genres. He recommended that I check out for my business website. (I went with Vistaprint.)

I celebrate my new freedom! I am going to bring some great classes to Duncanville!!

Nia in SW Dallas!

Today I danced the “Global Unity” Nia routine with my notes. I practiced voicing joyfully, and I echoed the instructions Debbie and Carlos as much as possible. I hope to learn the complete routine over the next week. Tomorrow I intend to dance the routine with just the music and my notes to see how much I need to refer to the notes. I also created a chart to track my Nia practice over the next 90 days…the length of my summer experiment where I apply the Joy of Movement to Creating a Sacred Livelihood. Once I learn this routine, I’d like to re-learn “Alpha Omega” and “Universal Mind.” After that I can renew my licensure and start teaching classes. I want to teach as many classes in this area as I can to build my clientele. Eventually I’d like to teach some workshops as well and host a Nia Jam at Metro Dance so all of my students can come together. As I build the SW Dallas Nia community, I can learn at least one new song a week and gradually increase my body of work. The routine I currently have that I can learn are “The Dance,” “Mood Food,” “Clarity,” “Sanjana,” “Dreamwalker,” and “Earthsong.” Once I renew my license, I’ll be able to choose four more routines. I know I’d like to choose “Opal,” but I think I’d like to choose whatever the three newest are so that I can have the full choreography and bar notation to start with.

I’d like to do some workshops in SW Dallas using the material that Debbie is producing. And I’d like to check out the meditations that they have available. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Plus, as soon as I renew my license, I’ll start attending the weekly conference calls. I should go ahead and create my profile on the website so that I can participate in Debbie’s monthly podcasts. This is the primary business that I want to focus on at this time. The Pedestrienne video will come. I can work on that as it seems natural to do so.  I can’t dance ALL day!

I also walked three miles as part of my Pedestrienne Tribute walk. As I walked I read “Inside Story: The Power of the Transformational Arc.”